Methods for Collision Prevention of Cyclists through Car-to-X-Communication

  • Project Duration: 09.2020 – 04.2023

  • Project Lead: Martin Loidl (Z_GIS)

  • Role Z_GIS: Project Partner

  • Staff: Bernhard Zagel, Martin Loidl, Christian Werner, Petra Stutz, Robin Wendel

Initial Situation

The European Road Safety Council (ETSC) regards cooperative, intelligent transport systems (C-ITS) in addition to improvements in infrastructure and legal framework as suitable measures for improving safety of vulnerable road users (VRUs).

Current studies suggest that the introduction and increasing prevalence of connected and automated vehicles (CAVs) are going to have substantial effects on VRUs. However, the advantages and disadvantages for VRUs are widely unknown yet.

Project Goals

  • Improvement of context awareness and detection of intended behaviour of cyclists.

  • Cooperative detection of collision risk of cyclists and CAVs.

  • Concepts for minimum- distracting collision warnings for cyclists.

  • Evaluation of an integrated proof-of-concept prototype.

Expected Results

  • Improved self-location of cyclists.

  • Communication between CAVs, infrastructure and cyclists.

  • Proof-of-concept of cooperative detection and mitigation of collision risk.

Contribution Z_GIS

  • Data acquisition and analyses.

  • Spatial risk modelling.