Mobility Lab

Spatial conditions significantly influence mobility. Conversely, mobility shapes the geographical area. Members of the Mobility Lab carry out first-class research at the interface between geoinformatics and mobility research. The knowledge gained is consistently transferred to practical application and published. Students are involved in the continuous development of knowledge and supervised in the context of project and final theses.

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The publication of key results from our GISMO study in the renowned Scandinavian Journal of Medicine & Science in Sports has also attracted the attention of the national press. In times of the corona pandemic, in which distancing and sedentary [...]

Contribution to Department and University

Networks and Cooperations

A wide-ranging, international network has been established through work in research consortia, active participation in scientific conferences and professional associations as well as the organization of events. The contacts include colleagues from the academic field, but also representatives of the private sector (especially from planning), authorities (at all levels) and associations. In this environment, the Mobility Lab is perceived as a competence provider, especially in the area of ​​spatial information and active mobility, and offers professional support and collaboration with the mobility management at the University of Salzburg as part of the PLUS Green Campus sustainability initiative.

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