Location Analysis for a Planned Hofer Supermarket

  • Project Duration: 08.2015

  • Project Lead: Bernhard Zagel

  • Role Z_GIS: Contractor

  • Staff: Bernhard Zagel, Martin Loidl

Status Quo

A potential future location for a Hofer supermarket in Braunau (Austria) is to be investigated. The main focus is on the number of inhabitants within certain travel time intervals depending on various transport modes (pedestrian, bicycle, car). All results are to be cartographically visualized and complemented with the respective customer potential.

Project Goals

  • Estimation of the number of inhabitants within certain service areas based on open data (OD)

  • Service areas for various modes of transport

  • Mapping of all analysis results


Open data (Openstreetmap, OGD) was used to disaggregate population data that was available on the level of municipalities (details can be found here http://wp.me/p48oU8-ar). Potential service areas for pedestrians, bicyclists and car drivers were calculated based on the planned location of the supermarket. The population within the respective service areas has been estimated through spatial analysis (intersection). In this context, the bicycle turned out as very efficient mode of transport for urban areas.

Contribution Z_GIS

  • Implementation of the entire study