Pre-Post Evaluation of Intervention in Urban Mobility Spaces

  • Project Duration: 02.2020 – 07.2022

  • Project Lead: Martin Loidl (Z_GIS)

  • Role Z_GIS: Project Partner

  • Staff: Bernhard Zagel, Martin Loidl, Christian Werner, Robin Wendel, Petra Stutz

Initial Situation

The design and redesign of public space are a prerequisite to foster and establish sustainable and active mobility. So far, the impact of interventions in public space in Austria has been assessed and monitored insufficiently. This is mainly due to the lack of a standardised methodology for evaluating the impact of interventions in urban mobility spaces. Consequently, there is no evidence base for the effects of the various interventions made, which would be vital w.r.t transferability and optimisation of planning and implementation to efficiently invest resources.

Project Goals

  • Interdisciplinary implementation protocol for estimating and evaluating interventions in mobility spaces.

  • Integrating tools from various domains in a generic mixed-method approach.

  • Using human sensor technologies for urban mobility planning.

  • Contributing to an increased attractiveness of public space for active mobility.

Expected Results

  • Protocol for estimating and evaluating effects of interventions.

  • Evidence base for planning processes.

  • Concept for operational implementation of a monitoring system for effects of interventions.

Contribution Z_GIS

  • Data acquisition, modelling and analyses.

  • Modelling spatial effects of interventions.