Solutions for adequate cycling infrastructure on narrow roads

  • Project Duration: 11.2022 – 06.2024

  • Project Lead: Martin Loidl (Z_GIS)

  • Role Z_GIS: Project Partner

  • Staff: Christian Werner

Initial Situation

European and national climate protection goals make a quick and comprehensive improvement of cycling networks in the German speaking countries indispensable. In day-to-day planning practice, finding adequate solutions for the design of cycling infrastructure on narrow roads is a true challenge. Although planning guidelines for the provision of adequate cycling infrastructure do exist in the German speaking countries, they cannot be put into practice in any case due to limited space availability. Furthermore, national regulations and guidelines are hardly transferable; this leads to a lack of learning and synergy effects. Against this backdrop, a qualified overview and comparison of existing approaches, methods for making technically well-founded decisions as well as recommendations and reference examples for practical implementation are necessary.

Project Goals

  • Analysis of current regulations and guidelines.

  • Empirical measurements of lateral distances during overtaking maneuvers at selected locations.

  • Method description and implementation guideline.

Expected Results

  • Guideline for investigating and implementing adequate cycling infrastructure on narrow roads.

Contribution Z_GIS

  • Literature review

  • Human sensor measurements

  • In-situ measurements of lateral distances

  • Data analysis