Invited by the Federal Ministry for Transport, Innovation and Technology (BMVIT), the  GISMO project is featured at the biannual Transport Research Arena (TRA) in Vienna.

Views and elements of the information platform.

As part of the TRA exhibition, the Interactive Zone invites visitors and delegates to interactively experience mobility research.

The participation in the Interactive Zone was a huge motivation for us to join forces and launch a first version of the information platform. We proofed our concept for merging corporate mobility management and health prevention with this demonstrator (see screenshots on the right). The service faciliates healthy routes optimization, aggregates the expected health effects to the company level and provides detailed information an measures that can be easily implemented in a corporate context.

The demonstrator, developed by our project partner  TraffiCon, is very well received. Additionally, the cross-domain approach of GISMO appeals to visitors. It seems that GISMO succesfully bridged two, commonly separeted worlds, namely corporate mobility management and health prevention.

There are still some milestones, such as the data analysis from the clinical study and the evaluation, ahead. However, we can alread conclude that the GISMO project significantly contributes to innovation, which is needed to promote healthy, active mobility.

If you have questions or ideas connected to this project, do not hesitate and send us an e-mail.