The third workshop in a series of focus groups took place in Parsch, a neighbourhood in the city of Salzburg, on Februrary 21st. This time, we worked together with the local citizen associationen (“Stadtteilverein Parsch“). The workshop was organized and held by Günther Innerebner and colleagues from Helios Bolzano. After a short introduction to the overall goals of the research project by Martin Loidl from the University of Salzburg, all participants worked on a specification of rather general lifestyle models for differenty types of cyclists.
The group of participants turned out to be highly motivated and open minded. The workshop was a unique opportunity, especially for elderly people, to dive into the everyday life of digital creatives and neo hippies. However, in a very humorous and friendly atmosphere, all participants were willing to discuss about complexe and sometimes abstract topics.
We were delighted by the positive drive and the numerous, very helpful inputs that we received for our research. Thank you very much Parsch!