Bicycle Observatory

On the Pulse of Cycling

Initial Situation

Although the bicycle experiences a tremendous renaissance and increased attention is paid to it by politics, science and businesses, significant research gaps in the understanding of bicycle mobility as complex system still exist. It is of crucial importance to close these gaps in order to sustainably promote bicycle mobility, reach the goals set by environmental-, energy- and mobility-strategies and to establish an active mobility culture. For the first time, social science data and technically sensed data are integrated in a common dashboard view, reflecting the various aspects of cycling mobility and their respective interdependencies.

Project Goals

  • Systemic investigation of cycling mobility.

  • Identification and description of different types of cyclists.

  • Contributing to the establishment and strengthening of a sustainable cycling culture.

Expected Results

  • Integrated dasboard for cycling mobility.

  • Concept for a long term operational implementation of a Bicycle Observatory.

  • Evidence base for efficient cycling promotion and monitoring system for interventions.

Contribution Z_GIS

  • Data acquisition, modelling and analyses.

  • Concept design and evaluation of a Bicycle Observatory.