Geographical Information Support for Healthy Mobility

  • Project Duration: 10.2016 – 10.2018

  • Project Lead: Martin Loidl (Z_GIS)

  • Role Z_GIS: Project Lead

  • Staff: Martin Loidl, Bernhard Zagel, Robin Wendel

Initial Situation

Indications exist for a correlation and interdependencies between the spatial characteristics of commuting trips, interventions in the context of corporate mobility management and health effects. These correlations and interdependencies are investigated and systematically described in the project GISMO. This facilitates the optimization of mobility recommendations for commuters and targeted promotion strategies for active mobility in companies, each associated with the expected health effects.

Project Goals

  • Provide evidence for health effects of active mobility

  • Mobility recommendations for individual commuters, including expected health effects

  • Concept for a decision support system for the targeted promotion of active mobility in the context of corporate mobility managements

Expected Results

  • Integration of domain-specific know-how into corporate mobility management

  • Linking health prevention and commuting in an information platform for companies and employees

Contribution Z_GIS

  • Spatial models and analyses for the optimization of mobility recommendations

  • Evaluating the concept of the information platform