Gesundheitseffektives Routing

  • Project Duration: 06.2022 – 12.2022

  • Project Lead: Martin Loidl (Z_GIS)

  • Role Z_GIS: Scientific Consultation

  • Staff: Martin Loidl, Petra Stutz

Initial Situation

In previous research projects, the foundations were laid for a web-based journey planner that optimizes routes in terms of travel time efficiency and potential health effects. These research results will be implemented in a free web service hosted by the Austrian Energy Agency (klimaaktiv mobil). This implementation will be supported scientifically to facilitate the transfer of know-how and the quality of the result.

Project Goals

  • Supporting the transfer from research projects into application.

  • Operational implementation of a public, web-based journey planning service with healthy routing logic. The service is based on the Austrian Traffic Information (VAO).

  • Promotion of active, healthy mobility in Austria.

Expected Results

  • Implementation of Healthy Routing algorithm.

  • Calculation of energy turnover (MET-min) for each optimized route.

  • Adequate presentation of health effects.

Contribution Z_GIS

  • Development and transfer of Healthy Routing algorithm.

  • Calculation MET-min per trip.

  • Calculation of health effects for each route.

  • Communication strategy for health effects.

  • Scientific consultancy and coordination.