Radlkarte 2.0

  • Project Duration: 04.2014 –12.2014

  • Project Lead: Bernhard Zagel (Z_GIS), Stefan Krampe (TraffiCon)

  • Role Z_GIS: Contractor

  • Staff: Bernhard Zagel, Martin Loidl, Robin Wendel

Status Quo

In order to tackle the negative consequences of motorized individual transport, the city and federal state of Salzburg comprehensively promote sustainable modes of transport. To further increase the attractiveness of the bicycle, a routing portal for the urban agglomeration should be established.

Project Goals

  • Extension of the existing routing portal for the city of Salzburg in terms of functionality and geographic coverage

  • Harmonization of existing, road-related data in a common entity of the Graph Integration Platform (GIP)

  • Integration of bicycle-specific (real-time) information


Road-related data from different administrative bodies has been integrated in a common reference graph (GIP) for the very first time. This data base was complemented with precipitation data, PT departure times, information about road maintenance etc. and published in an integrated web application (www.radlkarte.info).

Contribution Z_GIS

  • Conceptual support for data harmonization

  • Development of automated routines for data quality control and data modeling for the successive application in the routing engine

  • Indicator-based assessment model for the calculation of the impedance value (route optimization)