Radlkarte XL

  • Project Duration: 06.2015 – 12.2015

  • Project Lead: Bernhard Zagel (Z_GIS), Stefan Krampe (Trafficon)

  • Role Z_GIS: Contractor

  • Staff: Bernhard Zagel, Martin Loidl, Robin Wendel

Status Quo

The existing bicycle routing portal should be extended from the central urban agglomeration to the entire federal state. The application is to be fueled by authoritative data from the Graph Integration Platform (GIP).

Project Goals

  • Control and improvement of existing spatial data with a special focus on the low-level road network and bicycle infrastructure

  • Extension and optimization of the geocoding functionality

  • Adaption of the existing indicator-based assessment model in order to differentiate between urban and rural areas

  • Development of sustainable, automated data update routines


The web application www.radlkarte.info enables users to optimize bicycle routes in the entire federal state of Salzburg. Due to the integration of specific spatial models the application considers specific safety threats in urban and rural areas. Additionally to the route optimization the portal provides a huge amount of bicycling-relevant information layers.

Contribution Z_GIS

  • Data control and modeling

  • Improvement of the indicator-based assessment model for the optimization of safe bicycle routes

  • Interface development