At the end of September, the European Cycling Summit 2018 took place under the general motto “Cycling Culture Moves” in Salzburg. All project partners were actively involved in the summit’s program and contributed to a very lively, successful event.

Z_GIS was not only responsible for the entire organization and the conference program, but also presented the project idea behind Bicycle Observatory. The presentation was part of a series on cycling-related research, funded by the Austrian Ministry of Transport, Innovation and Technology:

Salzburg Research participated in the same session and presented a recently finished research project, Bikealyze, in which important foundations for the current project were laid. Additionally, Salzburg Research demonstrated a service that was derived from this research project and is now available at the Urban Mobility Lab Salzburg.

PRISMA solutions exhibited a wide range of products and services in the extensive expo of the European Cycling Summit. Helios hosted a workshop on “Power session – Promotion strategies for municipalities”. The workshop’s goal was to develop first steps towards anchoring cycling as a positively associated element of society.