In touch with cyclists – Creative Workshop in Wals-Siezenheim

On Thursday, January 10th, Günther Innerebner and Patrick Kofler from Helios moderated the first of a series of workshops. The aim of these events is to identify and characterize types of cyclists in a new way. The municipality of Wals-Siezenheim and the city of Salzburg serve as testpads for this. The results of the workshops fuels a questionnaire, which will be rolled out later in spring.

Members of the local cycling club, the mayor Joachim Maislinger and cycling advocate Karin Juriga participated in the workshop and gave their best. They came up with an opionion trend about the value of cycling in Wals-Siezenheim and Salzburg.
We will provide update about the next workshops and share first results on our website.