All results of the clinical study, which was carried out as part of GISMO, have now been published as a special issue in the scientific journal Journal of Medicine & Science in Sports (Impact Factor 3,255).

The eight published papers cover the following topics:

  • An introduction and project presentation (Niederseer et al.)
  • A review article that summarizes the evidence that was available prior to the GISMO study (Schäfer et al.)
  • The evidence from GISMO regarding fitness (Reich et al.)
  • The results of the interventions, implemented as part of the study, with a focus on cardiovascular risk and body composition (Sareban et al.)
  • The effects of active commuting on quality of life (Neumeier et al.)
  • A GIS article, which is dedicated to the extraction of the “mobility dose” from a combination of mobility diaries and data from fitness watches (Loidl et al.)
  • An investigation of the dose-effect relationship (Schmied et al.)
  • A summary of ​​the study design, together with a presentation of the effort that was necessary to carry out the study (Fernandez et al.)

The publication of these articles in a prestigious medical journal leads to maximum visibility of the research project. So far, there has been no comparable project funded under the “Future Mobility” program with such a comprehensive, scientific output. Moreover, the unique collaboration between medical doctors, geospatial specialists, traffic planners and mobility consultants is particularly noteworthy. The results of GISMO underline the added value of such cross-sectoral cooperation. However, for further interdisciplinary research, it is fundamental to create suitable frameworkes and to adapt funding regimes, which are mainly defined by domain silos, accordingly.

If you do not have access to the special issue, please feel free to contact the project manager.