Once a year, the global cycling community is gathering at VeloCity conference. There, all aspects of cycling are illuminated from various perspectives. This year’s VeloCity took place in the Irish capital, Dublin from June 25th to 28th.

Martin Loidl* presented the research project Bicycle Observatory in a dedicated “Scientists for Cycling” session, organized by the European Cycling Federation (ECF):

With regard to technical, conceptual and organisational issues, cycling-related data acquisition and processing is currently a highly relevant topic. First of all, we are still facing a situation of data scarcity compared to motorized traffic. Secondly, there is still a huge demand for research on how to link different types and sources of data. And thirdly, the willingness and capabilities for sharing and linking data is lacking quite often. Due to this, cycling remains often unseen in public discussions. For example, when it comes to economic value creation of cycling tourism or the effect of utilitarian cycling for the entire mobility system.
In our research project Bicycle Observatory, we are not only working on conceptual and technical research questions, but we are also addressing the organisational and legal framework.

* A personal review of VeloCity 2019 was published elsewhere.