After almost two years of more or less home office and limited contact opportunities, the whole Z_GIS team could finally meet again in mid-May. A lot has happened since the last plenary meeting: the new Faculty of Digital and Analytical Sciences has been founded and we have been integrated into it, with Prof. Thomas Blaschke there is a new department head, numerous new colleagues have started to work with us and in the meantime fantastic research has been done. Plenty of reasons spending an afternoon with taking a look at ourselves!

Each research group, as well as the team UNIGIS and the organizing team of the GI_Salzburg conference invited all colleagues to their office spaces. The goal was to present current activities and to enter into a dialogue about them. We decided to use a completely analog design for our presentation. And so we ended up in discussing our improved Walkability and Bikeability algorithms on pinboards and conducted a mobility survey with cups and stones. Despite all the seriousness, fun was of course not to be neglected. Our guests were served with cool Mobility Brew.